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Sights and Sounds of Providence: Rhode Island?s Creative Capital

September 20, 2011

Providence is the second-largest city in New England, after Boston, and the capital of Rhode Island. Marketed as “the Creative Capital,? the city backs resident artists by offering them tax incentives. RISD (pronounced riz-dee by the locals) is the Rhode Island School of Design and arguably one of the best art schools in US. Located in the historic East Side of Providence, the RISD museum has been renovated to accommodate twice as much art as before. For the artist and the art enthusiast alike, there is also the AS220, which provides a forum for creativity and offers facilities to artists, especially those with financial constraints. The city has undergone a sort of revival in recent years. Hotels, condos, apartments, restaurants and urban campuses have sprung up in place of abandoned department stores and warehouses.

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