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Pink in the grocery aisle: The dollars and cents of breast cancer awareness products

October 13, 2011

October means pink ribbons galore, but it can be a headache to hunt through the grocery store aisles for the products that truly make a difference. That's why we dug into the dollars and cents of breast cancer awareness products to find the most beneficial grocery store buys.

Products that bear a pink ribbon or labeling don't benefit breast cancer causes in the same way. Some companies, for example, make a set donation to a cancer charity no matter how many pink-labeled products they sell. Others will donate a portion of the purchase price of the specific item to a charity, but there may be limits; some companies will only donate proceeds during a specific time period while others cap their donation. So depending on how the company structures its donation, your purchase may or may not have an impact on the actual amount donated.  For the "pink" products below, we looked for items that listed specific donation figures and the charity that would receive the donation. Finally, we factored in any caps the company has on its donations, including the number of units it would take to reach that cap.

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