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Kate and Will eat pizza and chips for Christmas dinner

December 20, 2011

If you've always wanted to see pictures of Kate and Wills eating a traditional Christmas dinner in their little house in Anglesey... well, you're about to be really disappointed. But if you've always wanted to see pictures of Kate and Wills lookalikes eating pizza and chips in a house that doens't belong to them but has just been hired by a photographer... YOU'RE IN LUCK.That photographer is of course esteemed spoof snapper Alison Jackson, who set up the shoot for the Christmas issue of Grazia.She shot the couple (of lookalikes) in a variety of different poses, including one where they look like they've been at the eggnog/ mulled wine/ Baileys and are waving British flags like they're at - oh the irony - a royal wedding or something.They're wearing festive jumpers and Wills has got the remote on his lap - like a normal person who's got a real surname or something.For more of this sort of hilarious spoof brilliance, visit www.alisonjackson.comThe new issue of Grazia is on sale now.

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