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Emine Sari Releases The Music Video For 'Welcome To Bursa'

January 13, 2012

Emine Sari has just released the music video for her latest track "Welcome To Bursa". Born in a small town in Turkey, Emine Sari has strong cultural links with this amazing country. Recently she was visiting the city of Bursa (in Turkey), a place with interesting historical links to the Ottoman Empire, an area with incredible scenery and tourist attractions, and a city that is just one incredible place. So inspired by her visit, Emine wrote this song for Bursa. A Turkish "darbuka" drum and a Russian "balalaika" are just some of the different instruments used in this song, linking the local and surrounding cultures into this single. The music video is nothing short of stunning, as scenes from the coastline to the mountains covered in snow feature as a backdrop to the daily life in Bursa. Emine's stunning vocals match the picturesque scenery of the Uludag mountain, Iznik lake, and the historic buildings still standing in the city. Further preserving the various local cultures, Emine even sings some of the lyrics in the local languages. This song is really unique. She also dresses in local costume for some shots in the clip. The weather throughout is bright and sunny. Emine complements the magnificent weather with her incredible smile. The genuine happiness shows throughout. Whether at the ski slopes on the mountains or walking through the city, it is obviously great to be alive. This video was presented to the Governor of Bursa as a gift from Emine Sara - in return for the inspiration andall the kindness bestowed to her on an earlier visit. In short, this is one inspirational clip. Emine Sari - "Welcome To Bursa" "Emine Sari Releases The Music Video For 'Welcome To Bursa'" was originally published to Emine Sari on KOvideo

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