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Candice Olson: Drew and Susan's Eclectic Decor

April 3, 2012

Would someone please explain to me guys' infatuation with big-screen TVs? It's truly a weakness no man can resist. I've seen grown men reduced to blubbering, giddy mush at first glance of their new gazillion-inch screen. When it comes to guys and their TVs, size really does matter!

But what brings such joy to some can be a source of real anguish for designers. Such was the case with my clients Susan and Drew, who had just moved from a small downtown condo to a larger mid-town house. Although the basement would have been the perfect room to create a shrine to the tube, their new TV was just too big (to get through the door, that is!) so their solution was to ask me to make a home for it somewhere in the combined living and dining room space. There was no argu

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