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Great Food Surprises: Irish Moss Ice Cream Is Seaweed!

June 25, 2012

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned how I'd stumbled across a whole new spectrum of ice-cream flavors at the local Trinidadian parlor. My favorite was something called Irish Moss, which tasted to me like a nutmeg ice cream. A few days later, someone told me she'd done the research I should've done and discovered what Irish Moss ice cream really is: seaweed. That's right, it's an old-fashioned recipe that calls basically for nothing more than seaweed, cream and sugar. Irish Moss is an East Coast seaweed that's used in salads or to make vegan gelatin (i.e., carrageenan). Luckily, I grew up eating seaweed soup, so I wasn't fazed. What are the tastiest foods you've tried that turned out to be something you never expected?

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