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Trust A Skinny Chef

July 23, 2012

"Never Trust A Skinny Chef" has been an age-old adage, equating good times with opulent, over-the-top, crazy-delicious menu items typically found only in restaurants. But there are other ways to create and celebrate delicious food without sacrificing taste. As a restaurant-trained chef and certified holistic health coach, I reveal how to dial down calories while amping up taste and nutrition. But my mission goes beyond just calorie-friendly meals--good quality food can be so much more! Whole foods have tremendous healing powers--and with the right instructions, any nutrient-dense ingredient can be turned into soulful meals you crave. It's good cookin' that will strengthen your body and keep you feeling satisfied and content each and every day. So here are some secrets to becoming a skinny chef: Cook meals where nutrition is baked right into the recipe. Make dishes that are quick, easy and simple with just a few commonly available ingredients. Avoid overly processed foods in favor of seasonal, locally grown produce and mix them up with your favorite spices and condiments. I am happy to be onboard the Epi-log, and my first two posts on muscle meals and a quick tomato watermelon soup highlight how I embed nutrition right into healthy, delicious recipes. Beyond just giving you the recipe, I explain how to fortify recipes with super foods for the best nutritional payload. Let me know in the comment section what types of topics you would like me to expand on in the coming weeks, or what aspects of eating and cooking healthier are most important to you. I look forward to receiving your input and feedback because sharing great food and ideas makes life delicious!

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