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Jamie Oliver Announces New Show 'Chef Race: UK vs. US'

September 7, 2012

Jamie Oliver has signed-on to produce a new reality competition called Chef Race: UK vs. US. The concept is pretty self-explanatory -- eight American chefs will battle it out in the kitchen with eight British chefs. There is a catch though. The competitors are cooking for survival purposes because their money and credit cards will be taken from them. 

"The restaurant business is one of the toughest in the world and to be successful in it these days takes so much more than just being able to cook," Oliver said. "You've got to have a good business sense, vision, leadership and so much more. This series is the first time that anyone has really dug deep into what it takes to be successful and it's going to take an incredible individual to win it." 

Chef Race: UK vs. US will premiere on BBC America on October 2 at 9 PM. 

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