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Lensbaby Spark: We Tried it!

October 25, 2012

Lensbaby has developed a cult-like following for their line of special-effects SLR camera lenses, which allow shooters create gauzy, selective-focus images. It's pretty cool (and pretty gimmicky). Being the camera geek I am, I've considered buying one several times, but the price (ranging from $150 to $400) has always held me back. It just seemed like a lot of money for such a specialized lens.

But recently, the Portland, Ore.-based company introduced a new, entry-level lens, the Lensbaby Spark (Est. $80). I dashed off an email to the company, and a few days later a Spark showed up at the ConsumerSearch office, ready to be tested. To see how the Lensbaby works, watch our video review at the end of this post, and read on for some additional impressions.

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