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Facedeals: Clever coupons or creepy face-scanning tool?

October 29, 2012

If Facedeals has its way, Cheers won't be the only establishment where everyone knows your name. But rather than relying on smiling bartenders to deliver a personal touch, the Facedeals app leverages specially designed cameras working in conjunction with facial recognition tools to automatically identify you as you walk in the door -- regardless of whether or not you've ever set foot in the place before.

In a creepy-slash-ingenious move, the app taps into your Facebook profile, using your tagged pictures to map your face for its face-recognizing cameras and tapping into your Like history to offer specialized deals.

So what's the deal with Facedeals? Is Big Brother watching you or is this just the cloud-connected future of marketing? That depends on who you ask.

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