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Kyoto Lamp ? inspired by Japanese traditional woodcraft

November 9, 2012

The Kyoto lamp from Stellar Works is the first of a series of lamps inspired by the traditional woodcraft of the historic houses of Kyoto and by Japanese wooden toy aeroplanes, in particular the Hishou aircraft that dates back to the early years of aviation. The Hishou a-shaped reverse propeller model successfully crossed the Sumida River (Tokyo) in a flight contest in 1911. The Kyoto lamp is a tribute to perfection, craftsmanship and Kyoto. The paper lampshade is made by the very best craftspeople of Kyoto, who traditionally create umbrellas made of washi paper and bamboo. All Kyoto lamp models are designed to offer warm-toned ambiences with a sense of mystique and shadow play. Kyoto lamp is developed by Danish strategic and creative consultancy OeO.

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