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A chair by Chris Rucker made of modest materials

November 12, 2012

Chris Rucker is a designer who has been working in New York City over the last fifteen years. He has produced furniture under the name Ruckercorp and is currently a partner in the design-build firm AR & DEE which has recently completed several custom build-outs including Pilgrim Surf & Supply, NYDC Distillery, and Brooklyn Roasting Company. In Chris Rucker?s work ever-present ?low? materials such as OSB and moving blankets are used as structure, form, and finish. The chair and cover re-contextualize their materials while retaining their original qualities and marks of use.   Displaying overlooked textures, patterns and tactility; these modest materials determine much of the chair and cover?s form and feel, while their construction belies some of the materials? inbuilt qualities. Chris Rucker has developed his experimentation with moving blankets as upholstery. Tailored structure and baby-blanket seaming gives the covers a youthful luxury, and the moving blankets begin to register their patterns, colors and exuberance.┬áThe tailored cover articulates the materiality and geometric basis of the chair and the cover alike, blurring the lines between armature and form, utility and ornamentation. The following images shows the chairs with satin baby blanket liner. These chairs are a continuation of my work [...]

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