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Carven Small Convertible Tote: Practical Magic

November 13, 2012

This Carven Tote is not what meets the eye, in a good way. It has a unique convertible design with detachable handles that honestly didn?t really make sense to me at first. But after toying around with the bag and the ways you can wear it, I appreciated the subtle brilliance of it. You can switch the handles around by detaching the push lock closures (cleverly hidden behind a pouch to keep it hardware free). Cross the handles over the top of the bag and you get an Hermes Lindy look.  Or keep it classic by having them on each side of the bag. There is another option and this caused a raised eyebrow when shown to me by the SA: remove all the handles and use it as a clutch. Huh? This is a big slouchy tote, it does not lend itself to being a floppy, unwieldy clutch. Luckily, there was one final saving grace, there?s a huge pouch inside that is removable by yet another push lock on the gusset. Use it by itself or in another bag, this by itself makes up for half the value! And the value is pretty nice, a daily essential with convertible options for $750 will keep the love growing. At Barneys New York.

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