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Papa John's Faces Backlash in Wake of Obamacare Comments

November 14, 2012

Just a day after President Obama was re-elected, Papa John's CEO John Schnatter reiterated his concerns about the health-care reform law. Last Wednesday, Mr. Schnatter told students at Edison State College's Collier County campus near Naples, Fla., that the Affordable Healthcare Act would possibly compel the company to reduce employees' hours. The Affordable Health Care act mandates that many employers provide health-care for employees or face a government fine -- but employees who work less than 30 hours are exempt.

Mr. Schnatter has made waves about the health-care reform before. Over the summer, he said that the Affordable Healthcare Act would result in a 10- to 14-cent increase per pizza. "I got in a bunch of trouble for this," he told the students last week, according to Naples News. "That's what you do, is you pass on costs. Unfortunately, I don't think people know that they're going to pay for this."

Mr. Schnatter, who hosted a fundraiser for Mitt Romney at his Louisville-area estate earlier this year, went on to say that he is neither for or against the Affordable Care act.

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