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Samsung Gets Overly Attached Girlfriend to Play a Possessive PC

November 15, 2012

It. Does. Not. Compute. Or does it?

Laina Morris, who became an overnight sensation with the Overly Attached Girlfriend video she made for Justin Bieber, stares wide-eyed and creepy from your screen and raps as an "Overly Attached Computer" in this Viral Factory ad for Samsung's SSD 840 drive, designed to encrypt and protect user data.

In her earlier song, Morris promised/threatened, among other things, "If I was your girlfriend, I'd drive you up the wall/Question who you're with, yeah I'd always call and call/I wouldn't call it jealousy, just lookin' out for you/Readin' all your texts, watching everything you do." Ah, true love. Here, Morris pla

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