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Nicki Minaj Becomes the Bride of C-3PO in New Fragrance Ad

November 16, 2012

Perfume ads are often total nonsense, especially when they're for celebrity fragrances. So, it's no surprise that Nicki Minaj has tweeted out a baffling new commercial for her first signature scent, Pink Friday. It opens on Minaj writhing in a garden of black roses. She pricks her finger on one, and bleeds a drop of pink blood that sweeps through the scene, turning the roses pink and her skin golden until she looks like the bride of C-3PO. Her new track, "Freedom," plays in the background, and in the end we hear "Pink Friday" whispered seductively. It's a pile of cliché that may or may not symbolically represent Minaj cementing her lady-rap legacy amid a decidedly male pantheon of rappers. The fragrance comes in one of the most hideous examples of package design I've seen in ages: a creepy gold-and-pink bust of Nicki, including her bust. You have to pop off her head to get at the fragrance. Minaj herself admits the design is "outrageous," but trusts that her Barbz (her pet name for her devoted fans) will understand.

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