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Getting the TV picture for Black Friday

November 19, 2012

During the Black Friday shopping season, those looking for a new TV might easily be overwhelmed at first glance by the literally hundreds of "deals" that can be found in the various circulars and sales posted at sites like Drill down a little further, though, and you'll quickly realize that many of these are the same exact set, often -- but not always -- being offered at the same exact price, give or take a dollar or two, at each store. Drill down further still, and it becomes clear that some of the bargains aren't exactly spectacular -- modest savings on modest sets from brands you've heard of, with deeper savings on sets from makers whose names aren't even remotely familiar. In other words, when it comes to snagging a deal on a TV, it's just a typical Black Friday. Or is it? Believe it or not, we actually spotted some deals that could be worth losing sleep over, along with some you can snag without losing much sleep at all. Read on for the details.

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