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Octomom's Kids Star in Christmas Music Video

November 21, 2012

Child labor advocates, please take notice.

Nadya Suleman's octuplets are being put to work ... in a singing group called the Roctuplets. Their debut music video, "I'm Ready for Christmas," dropped Friday.

Watch Octomom's brood in action below:

"Mama told me that Santa is coming," one son, straight-faced, says in a sing-song-like tone. "At school we love to watch. At school we love to learn."

"Now I'm just waiting for Christmas to come."

Aren't we all, young Nadya Suleman spawn. Aren't we all.

The budding musical group's first single is available on iTunes. Enterprising young lads, aren't they?

Between this and the Octomom porn, "Santa" should be able to buy them some nice gifts this year.

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