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Kate Middleton's Christmas Wish: A BABY!!

November 25, 2012

The "is Kate Middleton pregnant" rumor mill continues to be set ablaze this month, with a new report saying she hopes to make THE ANNOUNCEMENT around Christmas!

According to Us Weekly, a source close to the royal couple says, ?They?re excited at the prospect of becoming parents,? and confirms they?re ?working on it.?

Not sure what this celebrity gossip mole means by that. Next time draw us a picture!

?In a dream situation, they would love to be a step closer at Christmas,? the source adds. ?They have been on such a high since getting married."

Basically, Prince William has been seeing plenty of Kate Middleton topless and bottomless, and hopes the fruits of his labor will mean an heir in 2013.

And heir and a spare down the line, if they have their way and nature cooperates.

Just like Will, Kate wants two children, according to a longtime friend of hers, and their home in Kensington is undergoing a seven-figure renovation. Hmm!

Whether it's a boy or a girl, he/she will be the heir(ess) to the throne behind Princes Charles and William, thanks to the recent change in succession rules.

The alleged insider then adds that if in fact she is pregnant, she will not make an announcement until after her first trimester ... well after Christmas.

Unless she's already 7-8 weeks along and her baby bump is on the verge of showing.

In any case, let the speculation and over-analysis of Kate Middleton photos continue!

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