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Newcastle's 'Subtexter' Puts Honest Captions on Your Crappy Photos

December 7, 2012

On the heels of College Humor's viral Instagram parody set to Nickleback, Newcastle Brown Ale is offering an app called The Subtexter—part of its ongoing "No bollocks" campaign from Droga5—that lets you expose the more honest subtext behind your shoddily lit, clichéd photos of everyday crap. All those humblebrag shots of you on vacation? Or the billion and one photos you took of your cat in the hope that one of them will catapult your feline (and by proxy, you) to meme stardom? You can now turn that subtext into actual text directly on the picture. Created by Droga, The Subtexter lets you choose a clichéd category, select a stock photo and cover it, meme style, with impact type and a number of witty captions like "Look, I'm relaxing and bragging" for vacation pics and "I'm at brunch, I hope you wish you were here" for the many budding food photographers. Of course, the idea is to Subtext your own pictures, not the stock ones, which takes a certain amount of irony awareness. But who cares? It's good, branded fun!

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