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Bad Waiter!

December 10, 2012

Three women going out for dinner together in Stockton, Calif., got to experience the worst kind of service when they were presented with the bill and read its description of their table: "Fat Girls." The waiter claimed he wasn't the one responsible (though the diners claimed he was smirking about it), and the manager offered the women a 50-percent discount, but the women were understandably humiliated, angry and insulted. Managers for the restaurant later said a new employee was at fault, and that they hoped to get the opportunity to apologize to the women face to face. That story probably beats the worst service I've had that I can think of off the top of my head. My bad experiences almost always involved waiters who didn't know what they were doing or were deep in the weeds, rather than actual malice. Inept is one thing, but this kind of nastiness deserved a total comp at the very least. What was your worst run-in with an evil waiter? And what could the restaurant do to make it up to these three women?

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