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Top 10 Cookie Posts of 2012

December 27, 2012

From Sweets

VIEW SLIDESHOW: Top 10 Cookie Posts of 2012

We were quite the cookie archivists this year, chronicling the entire lines of some well known brands, as well as entering a whopping 41 recipes from our annual Cookie Swap into our cookie database. We also played transformers: making cookies into other sweets, and baking 9 cookies from 1 dough.

Yes, there was a lot of cookie eating this year, perhaps our most ever. Check out the highlights in the slideshow above.

Go Straight To The Entries

We Try Every Kind of Pepperidge Farm Cookie
We Try 25 Kinds of Oreo
Cookie Monster: Top 10 Cookie Recipes
14 Things To Make with Oreos
17 Beautiful Holiday Cookie Recipes
41 Cookie Recipes from the 2012 Serious Eats Cookie Swap
We Try Every Flavor of Archway Cookies
The Serious Eats Guide to Girl Scout Cookies
Cookie Monster: 1 Dough 9 Cookies, Oatmeal Edition
Share Your Sweets: Bar Cookies

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