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Champagne & Sparkling Wines: Not Just for Toasts

December 28, 2012

Champagnes and sparkling wines--including Cava, Prosecco, and Moscato d'Asti--are the obvious drinks of choice when it comes to celebrations, holidays, and special occasions in general. But to relegate these particular drinks to only New Year's toasts, weddings, and the like would be to miss out on some of the most versatile, food-friendly wines available. And when it comes to pairing bubbly with food, it's not just finger foods or hors d'oeuvres we're talking about. To that point, Chris Hallowell deftly pairs multiple bottles of Champagne and sparkling wine with a dizzying array of foods to prove that regardless of flavor profile (sweet, savory, rich, dry, spicy, salty), course (appetizer, main, dessert), or even price ($18-$320), there's good reason to pour yourself a glass of something fizzy. And that's something worth celebrating. Photo: Jamie Grill Photography/Getty Images

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