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Salvatore Ferragamo Aria Woven Bag: Chained Melody

January 2, 2013

This is a super amazing bag. I want to say, ?for a Ferragamo,? but I don?t want to take away from it by inferring that the bag?s only good because it?s such an improvement over their historically uncool designs. Honestly, though, yes ? this is incredible for a Ferragamo. The credit goes to creative director Massimiliano. He came on board a couple of years ago, and I don?t know if he (or anyone) will be able to get Ferragamo back to their ?70s popularity, but he?s definitely revving the engines. He didn?t even veer far from their core, either. This bag is still all about the leather. This ruched-looking take on weaving is fresh and modern. I like the trim on the gusset and handle even more ? the leather is woven with a silver chain, somewhat like on a McCartney, but there?s innovation here that deserves its own recognition. I always raise an eyebrow at deep hobos like this, but there?s at least a pouch included to help keep things organized. The light gray color worries me, too, especially in Nappa leather, but the paleness shows the detailed texture really well. So if you?re going to commit, just be careful with it! On Luisa via Roma for $2,609.

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