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WebSnob January 04, 2013

January 4, 2013

As they say, new year, new you! Tina has wasted no time putting her 2013 style resolutions into full effect. Isn?t it nice when your resolutions are things you actually want to do?

It seems like running shoes are never chic, but WWW has found a few fabulous exceptions. Is it too late to ask for Christmas presents?? The Pierre Hardys and Y-3s, please!

Marc Jacobs may be turning the big 5-0 this year, but his designs have never been better (or more striped!).

Neiman Marcus x Target, we were rooting for you ? we were all rooting for you (insert ANTM gif here)! The Cut explains what went wrong.

Jewel Snob schools us on the 4 C?s of buying diamonds, and this is a class you and your wallet don?t want to miss.

Fashionista lists the top 10 workout brands to run with. Lululemon was soooo last year.

What is it with fully-grown adults wearing animals on their shoes?? A subtle inspiration is one thing, but Charlotte Olympia?s insufferable cat slippers are another. Shoe Snob shares the biggest offenders.

According to the Chinese zodiac, the year of the snake has almost coiled its way around us. Vogue helps us celebrate the occasion with the perfect slithering accessories.

With winter finally digging its heels in, it?s hard to look like Mrs. Brightside, but Beauty Snob has just the magic glow trick for you.

SHEfinds reports on Brian Atwood?s new stiletto-inspired jewelry (it's much better than it sounds!).

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