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The beauty of imperfection

January 7, 2013

I am currently very occupied and fascinated with the Japanese design principles of Wabi Sabi. Reading about the life philosophy and aesthetic ideals of Wabi Sabi (which is based on Zen Buddhism), I feel like so many of my thoughts on what good design consists of, and on the connection between human beings and objects we surround ourselves with, are put into words. The focus on beauty in imperfection, in transition, in the thought that time adds depth to objects (in stead of depriving them of their initial qualities) intrigues me. And makes perfect sense to me. The Wabi Sabi expression is asymmetrical or irregular, and it possesses a certain randomness; the materials used and the artist/ designer should be in “dialogue' during the creation process in the sense that the artist/ designer should let the material lead a great part of the shaping process, instead of being occupied with an overall conceptual idea. The materials used are natural, and they show the passage of time, and provide the experiencing subject with a stimulating tactile experience. The vulnerability and decay of the objects are viewed as adding value to the design experience; the changing colour and texture,¬†creates a bond between [...]

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