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Port El Kantaoui: Vacationers Discover Luxury Hotel A Tunisian Trash Heap

January 9, 2013

Ask The Byfords, a British family from West Yorkshire how their recent holiday in Tunisia went, and chances are they'll say "rubbish"--and they wouldn't be lying. According to The Daily Mail, the poor folks spent £4,000 ($6400) booking what they thought was a luxury vacation at the Soviva Resort and instead ended up in a garbage, feces, and cat-urine infested dump.

The hotel, which was supposed to be located in the resort town of Port El Kantaoui, was part of the Byfords vacation package through Thomas Cook, the UK travel agency. Upon arriving in Tunisia and finding themselves whizzing past the area, it soon became obvious to the Byfords that they weren't going to get

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