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Accidentally gourmet

January 10, 2013

Last night I made the best dinner! Unfortunately, I won't be able to re-create this ever again, as it was a "what's in the fridge and freezer" special, no recipe in sight. Ziti, jarred spaghetti sauce, a couple of salvageable mushrooms, chopped red onion left over from a salad, garlic, dregs of a bag of frozen collard greens, some frozen peppers that were wedged in a forgotten corner of the freezer, and chunks of avocado, because it had to be eaten that day or wasted. Red pepper flakes and grated Parmesan were tossed in, too, just because. Delicious! (And enough for lunch today, too.) It even looked colorful and interesting. Do you have a favorite leftover-inspired dish that's become a regular in your family's dinner rotation? Or do you follow recipes to the letter?

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