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Robin Verrecas on Justin Bieber Pot Pictures: Not Me! Or Him!

January 11, 2013

While many fans continue to express outrage of Justin Bieber smoking weed, other remain in denial that the singer would dare partake in such a habit.

Especially when they have a scapegoat: 18-year old Robin Verrecas, who does look A LOT like the famous artist. See for yourself:

But after facing the vitriol of followers for days, Verrecas has finally spoken out on Twitter and denied that he's actually the one in those Justin Bieber pot smoking pictures.

"the guy on that weed picture ISN'T me!! I SWEAR! @justinbieber please tell them the truth," Verrecas wrote. "i'm a belieber! so if it was me...why would i do this to justin? THINK!!?? i don't smoke."

But here's the thing: Robin doesn't believe Bieber is actually the one in those photos, either.

"it's not Justin!" he Tweeted. "THE PIC IS FAKE!"

Considering Bieber's statement after the images emerged, in which he swore to "be better," that theory seems hard to believe. But are you buying it?

Do you think Justin Bieber is featured in those weed-using pictures?

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