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Stick a Fork In It, You're Done

January 11, 2013

Many an intriguing item is revealed at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, which is running through the week in Las Vegas. But perhaps one of the most unique food-related items revealed this week is the HAPIfork, an electronic utensil-turned-eating monitor created by the HAPIlabs team. The HAPIfork, which will retail for $100 and is currently available for pre-order, is wired to sense when you are eating too quickly or too much based on the movement of the fork from your plate to your mouth (a measure coined as "fork servings"). In addition to measuring food quantity and meal consumption speed, the fork also logs the length of your meal, the number of "fork servings" taken per minute, and the intervals between "fork servings." And of course in the digital age, all of that information is logged and transferred via USB to your online dashboard, where you can gauge your consumption, one forkful at a time. Best--or perhaps worst, depending on your fork-to-mouth tendencies--of all, the HAPIfork lights up and vibrates to alert you when you're eating too quickly. The ultimate goal is a slower meal time, and in turn, a slimmer waistline. Would you use a HAPIfork in a bid to shed pounds? Or is this just the latest tool to join the world of weight-loss gadgets? Photo:

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