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The Biggest Baddest Recipe Box, Anywhere

January 11, 2013

I know it's way past the holidays but I bring you tidings of great joy--yesterday we rolled out the new version of our recipe box. It's your trusted Epi box, but on steroids and we will be adding even more functionality to it in the coming months. Here's what you can use right now, for free, all powered by the talented folks at Ziplist: Save Any Recipe from Anywhere: This is the functionality of my dreams (I know, I need a life); you can drag a "Clip It" bookmark to your browser toolbar, click it when you're on the recipe you like on any site, blog, or even Pinterest, and then the recipe magically imports into your Epi recipe box. Browse Other Recipes from the Ziplist Network:While in your Epi recipe box, you can browse, save, organize etc more than 1,000,000 recipes from many network partners, including Food Network, Martha Stewart, and All Recipes. Stay Organized: Keeping track of all of your favorites is now easier, with the new search and sort functionality. You can see just your e-cookbook recipes; search within your box; favorite a recipe; and, like the old recipe box, create folders to file recipes in, all from each individual recipe. Make Shopping Lists: Our Shopping List tool lets you easily combine recipes into a single, convenient grocery-shopping list and it now works with your own member recipes, too! When you're in the store you can scan a product's bar code to import into your list. As before, you can print the list out, access it with your smartphone, or email it to a friend or family member for the next trip to the store. This recipe box will also be accessible on your Epi app for iPhone and iPad users. Got more questions? Check out our Recipe Box FAQ page.

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