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Cyclus Armadillo Recycled Rubber Backpack: All Tire?d Out

January 22, 2013

I was so ready to rag on this ridiculous looking Cyclus backpack, but then thought about it a little more. You have to admit, it is very interesting, not to mention functional (the futuristic armadillo-looking shell slides down to open). Then I read that it's constructed out of recycled rubber inner tire tubes, which makes it even more impressive because it looks so well treated. This sleek material is definitely not what you picture when you think of using recycled goods. The black armor would protect your tech necessities well ? there is not one but two smart phone pockets inside ? while the padded nylon shoulder straps would help lessen the heft (anything that makes carting around a laptop less annoying earns points in my book). I dreaded looking at the price, but then was pleasantly surprised again – $383. Though no bargain, it's not the 4 figures we?ve come to expect from artsy avant-garde pieces. I wouldn?t carry this bag, but I can see it on a hip downtown girl or her boyfriend. Available on Luisa via Roma.

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