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Lindsay Lohan Turns Down Dancing With the Stars, is Not Smart

January 22, 2013

Despite stunning court costs and debts that have left Lindsay Lohan broke or close to it, she's turned down a HUGE offer from Dancing With the Stars.

She needs money. She could desperately use an image makeover. DWTS could provide both in a heartbeat. But she doesn't wanna do reality shows.

The actress was made several offers to join DWTS this spring. The final offer was $550,000, or 4-5 times what most DWTS cast members make.

Given the IRS seizing her accounts, one would think she'd snatch that up in a second, but no, she says she'll NEVER do reality TV. Only movies.

The irony/stupidity of that statement is that after Liz & Dick and The Canyons, her film stock is going down faster than a drunk Lindsay on Max George.

Good luck, LiLo.

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