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10 Creamy Chowders

January 22, 2013

For a hearty, filling soup, you can't beat a rich chowder. While it might not be an every-day soup, it certainly brightens up a dreary winter night. Here, 10 top-rated chowders, from traditional clam to coconut-vegetable. Manhattan Clam Chowder (pictured) New England Fish Chowder Coconut-Vegetable Chowder Double-Corn Chowder with Chipotle and Bacon Turkey Chowder with Wild Rice, Crimini, and Pancetta Smoked Salmon Chowder Cheesy Corn Chowder Smoked Chicken Chowder Oyster Chowder Turkey Sage Chowder Do you have a favorite chowder recipe? Does it have to be fish-based, or do you enjoy other varieties too?

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