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Bees Swarm News Crew During Live Report

January 23, 2013

Talk about generating serious buzz.

A Florida news crew gave new meaning to the term swarm journalism when bees attacked its reporters and cameras during a live broadcast this month.

CBS12?s Carl Pugliese says the swarm came as he launched a drone camera into the air as part of the team?s report on the demolition of a building.

Shortly after the drone took flight, bees swarmed it. Pugliese, not realizing what was happening, then lowered the drone closer to the ground to inspect it.

That?s when the bees really moved in, attacking him and cameraman Chad Ellison. Colleague Jenna Caiazzo remained ensconced inside the news van.

Pugliese was eventually forced to dive into his SUV and bring down the drone from inside. Unfortunately, some of the bees followed him into the vehicle.

Reporters are occasionally attacked by bees (look it up on YouTube), but this is the first incident we know of in which a swarm attached to an aerial drone.

CBS12 reports the drone itself was covered in stingers. Better that than its operators.

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