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Stars Stand Up for Beyonce, Lip Sync Scandal

January 23, 2013

With the Beyonce lip-sync scandal gaining momentum, a trio of stars come out in support of the singer - who has also silently staged her own online-based defense.

The artist - who pre-recorded her national anthem performance at Monday's Presidential Inauguration - Tweeted the following photo last night of her in the studio, pretty much telling the public:

Hey, it may not have been live... but I DID sing the song dammit.

Meanwhile, the following singers spoke out yesterday in response to the controversy:

LeAnn Rimes (on Jimmy Kimmel Live): "I'm actually taking up for her on this one. There are times when people will ask you to do it, and they will not let you do it unless you do it because they want control over what happens."

Jennifer Lopez (on The Daily Show): "In certain venues and stuff, they do prerecord things, because you're going to have that terrible slapback... All performers do have to do it at some point."

Steven Tyler (to TMZ): "Beyonce's so hot she can do anything. Let's just get real."

What do YOU think? Do you think less of Beyonce for lip-synching the anthem on such a big stage?

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