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See Sushi, Paddington - Review

January 25, 2013

January, the month of doom, gloom and post Christmas bloat, the very thought of a roast potato makes a waistline expand. If ever there was a month to seek out lean, mean Japanese cuisine then this is it- but where does one go that won?t break the bank but still remains ?luxurious??  Top quality Japanese food is notoriously expensive and there are so many sushi places in London you?re heart sinks with each Google search. Luckily for avid Lussorian readers we have the answer, ?See Sushi? in Paddington, a wonderful hidden gem tucked just off the Edgware road, away from the trendies yet wonderfully central. As soon as you enter the venue the staff rush to welcome you and make you feel at home, there is no pretension at See Sushi, no gimmicks, just fantastic, fantastic food all rustled up with zero fuss, no waiting time and little expense considering its quality. The interior is just what you need from a restaurant too: soft, simple yet cosy and welcoming at the same time (thankfully it ignores the irritating Wagamama trend - you?re not expected to share tables with strangers, you?re able to book in advance and the lighting isn?t austere nor the furnishing depressingly minimalist).

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