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To have and to hold better

January 26, 2013

I’m always searching for ways to keep my cell phone, GPS device and sometimes tablet computer handy on car trips, without having to drill holes, sacrifice my cup holders or rely on suction cups that stick (or don’t) to the windshield. Satechi’s new ST-TP01 Car Holder Mount gets a different grip. The adjustable cradle grabs devices from 5 inches to 10 inches long — which means most smart phones, readers, tablets and GPS units, which can be rotated to horizontal or vertical mode. The cradle swivels out from a weighted suction/pressure gripper that locks onto the top of the dashboard, rather than the window, so the electronic device hogs neither the view nor the cup holder. This gives me the luxury of being able to use my tablet’s GPS app on the road — with giant graphics I don’t have to struggle to decipher while driving. And, no, I don’t want my GPS to talk to me, except if I’m really off track; then I want it to yell.

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