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Miley Cyrus Cosmopolitan Pics: SEXY!

January 26, 2013

Miley Cyrus is featured in the latest issue of Cosmpolitan, talking at length to the magazine about the hotness of Liam Hemsworth and also giving readers an idea of what that actor goes home to every night.

Indeed, these may be the raciest, most seductive photos of Cyrus yet, as she poses for the cover without a bra - and then inside the publication with the exact opposite look.

Ogle away now, young fellas...

Just how attractive does Cyrus find her Hunger Games-starring fiance?

?I?ll literally look at him and be like ?You are hot, dear god!,'" she gushes before telling the following story:

"The other day, I turned on the pool heater and it was steaming, and he walked outside and took off his clothes and jumped in the pool. I was like, ?I?m gonna faint - the hottest guy of my life is in a steaming pool. This looks like a Playgirl shoot.?

"So I took a photo and made it the background on my phone. My best friend grabbed my phone and was like, ?Who?s that? He is so hot!? That?s my hubby!?

Pick up the latest issue of Cosmo for more from the singer, including an explanation for why she wants a small wedding.

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