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A Tale of Three Delicious Cities

January 28, 2013

Super Bowl 47 is shaping up to be one of the most delicious match-ups held in recent years. Not only will the game be held in the culinary wonderland that is New Orleans, the opposing teams--the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens--come from cities with rich food histories of their own. With that in mind, we've created our annual Super Bowl menus, a crab cake and fried chicken-centric menu for the Baltimore Ravens and a cioppino menu for the San Francisco 49ers. It was difficult to decide what to put in each menu. San Francisco and the greater Bay Area is home to famed sourdough bread, the birthplace of fortune cookies, Crab Louis, Joe's Special, and Chez Panisse and the Zuni Cafe. In the end, we opted for sourdough, an easy cioppino, and ice-cream sandwiches for dessert (the city claims It's It, a dessert sandwich treat that first hit San Francisco streets in 1928). Baltimore is equally as challenging. There are crab cakes, of course, and Smith Island Cake and Berger cookies; lake trout and Brewer's Art; Clipper City beer and Old Bay seasoning. Our Ravens menu has the crab cake, along with fried chicken bites, and cookies for dessert. We paired it all with Natty Boh, because Mr. Boh seems to be the unofficial mascot of the city. If your team isn't in big game and you just plan on tuning in to see the half-time show, make a New Orleans-themed menu. Our Mardi Gras menus are perfectly adaptable to your Super Bowl party and are bound to get you in the Carnival spirit (Mardi Gras is February 12). What do you plan to make for your Super Bowl party?

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