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Bake the Book: Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook

January 30, 2013

From Sweets

[Photograph: Squire Fox]

"Who does that? Just opens a bakery?" So begins the introduction to the Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook. While neither Cheryl nor Griffith Day possess the requisite several generations of deep South lineage to vouchsafe the validity of their recipes, they have instead proven themselves and their prowess with an awareness of and respect for the Savannah community to which they cater.

The eager storytelling in the introduction imbues the rest of the book with the sort of enthusiasm that is extraordinary, yet necessary, for a brand-new bakery to succeed. And succeed they did: Back in the Day Bakery has now been around for ten years. That combination of fresh energy underlaid with a decade of experience is what makes this cookbook shine.

Cheryl and Griff have inducted themselves into the sugar canon of the South with recipes that show a keen awareness of their surroundings, and a cleverness that sometimes surprises. A fine example of this is their Creole Brownies, topped with a New Orleans style chicory coffee-infused ganache. Playfulness is evident with names like Drunk Blondies and Almond Crunchies, and things take a turn for the delectable with Bourbon Bread Pudding.

With desserts good enough to inspire odes (Don't believe me? Check page 168) and having earned their rightful place in Georgia's sweet kingdom, the Back In The Day Bakery Cookbook is a loving testament to sugar and the South.

Win A Copy!

Thanks to the generous folks over at Artisan
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All you have to do is tell us your favorite dessert from 'back in the day' in the comments section below.

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