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Tortilla chip taste-off: Does Tostitos, Mission or 365 make the best tortilla chip?

January 30, 2013

For most people, tortilla chips are just a vessel for shoveling as much dip as possible into their faces. We're not most people. We appreciate the art and craft of a well-made tortilla chip, as much as the next Mexican. But who the heck has time to slave over hand pressing masa all day? Not us. So we did what must be done. First, we fought off hordes of snack fiends in the salty-highway-to-heaven aisle at the supermarket and zeroed in on a select few favorites among the bagged tortilla chip selection.

We found 20 hungry volunteers and put the three top brands of tortilla chips to a head-to-head blind taste-test. Only one could be named victorious in this battle for top dipper, a.k.a. the most essential food

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