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Lessons in Japanese Soda

March 20, 2013

I'm sure Big Food needs no lessons in labeling, but I'll throw this thought out anyway: Soda by any other name sounds less sweet. We found this on walking into Jmart, the Asian megamarket in Flushing (miles of aisles of ramen alone), and had to try it even though A) we aren't fizzy-sugar-water consumers and B) the packaging (canning?) offered a rather obvious clue to the contents. If you have to drink a soda, this is a pretty inoffensive one; we chose the "Kobe kyoryuchi orange" flavor, and it was closer to a Mandarin seltzer water than Fanta syrup. As always, though, the fine print matters. In supersized America, this would be a wimp portion, even at 180 calories. In Japan, it's meant to serve four.

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