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Hunger Seder: Eating and Activism

March 20, 2013

"Let all who are hungry come and eat" -- the Haggadah, or order of service, for Passover seders calls for people to come together and dine, sharing the past as well as the present in a delicious mix of tradition, symbolism, and fellowship. This central seder tenet is the focal point of Hunger Awareness Seders organized across the country by the Jewish Council for Public Affairs' Mazon nonprofit, "A Jewish Response to Hunger." This is the fourth year of these meals for a cause, and perhaps the current budget cuts make them particularly important right now. "In over 40 communities, Hunger Seders will educate and empower members of the Jewish community, inter-faith partners, anti-hunger leaders, and elected officials to take action to protect and strengthen anti-hunger and nutrition programs," explains the JCPA. They've created helpful Hunger Seder resources on their website, including a Haggadah, Seder planning guide, and a supplemental reading for a meaningful Hunger Seder. "Together we have the power to be a part of healing our fractured world and to end hunger in the United States," the group says. Check out our Complete Passover Planning Guide for timelines, menus, and more seder recipes. Photo: Chris Gentile, Gourmet Live

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