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Paul Jolley on American Idol Elimination: This is Just the Beginning

March 23, 2013

Paul Jolley got the boot from American Idol on Thursday night.

But if viewers were surprised by the result, this aspiring singer says he most definitely was not.

"I had a moment this morning when I woke up and I realized like, 'this is what is going to happen,'" Jolly told reporters not long after Ryan Seacrest made the announcement.

Jolley is taking a very positive view of the situation, however.

"I've realized that it's only a stepping stone and this is only the beginning and there's a lot more things that I want to do with my career then just American Idol," he said.

Jolley's final performance was of the Beatles' classic "Eleanor Rigby."

And even though the judges didn't love it, and viewers clearly were against it, Paul says he has no regrets.

"I wanted people to feel the emotion - someone died in this song. During the beginning of the song, everyone feels alone, no one's ever appreciated and no one should ever feel that way and everyone should know, big or small... that's why I sang it the way I sang it.

"I wanted the emotion to come across that way and I feel like I did and I'm very proud of myself."

Do you think Jolley deserved the boot this week?


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