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Common Beauty Mistakes Made on Vacation

March 24, 2013

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Don't let yourself make these common mistakes!
When you go on vacation, you might think that the only thing to worry about is what time the breakfast buffet ends and which days you're taking scuba diving lessons.

But in order to keep your worries down when you get home, don't let yourself make these common beauty mistakes!

Lots of women let their skincare regimens fall to the wayside ("well, it's only a week...") because they aren't able to bring all of their big bottles of product in a carry-on, but don't let that happen! Transfer some of your favorite products into smaller bottles.

Also, make sure you don't go overboard with makeup on vacation - it's a time to relax and just be yourself. Click through the gallery above to see many more mistakes women make, and the solutions to avoid them!


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