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Cakes Designed with Book Themes

March 25, 2013

Presentation and I aren't exactly tight. Even after nearly 30 years of cooking/eating for a living, I still put taste over looks with food. The other night I baked a cake I knew would be spectacular (not just because we first marinated the guests), and even my consort, tasked with dressing up/camouflaging the sinkhole with powdered sugar, expressed some doubts about what I was soon to serve. So I am going to reiterate my admiration for anyone who puts appearance first; I just don't have the patience, the creativity, the steady hand. Here is Exhibit B, from a British competition: cakes with book themes. The best is, of course, saved for last: "The Hunger Games." Anything that gets kids to read as voraciously as they would consume cake is good in my book.

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