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Mulberry Floral-Cutout Leather Trapeze Tote: The Hole Picture

March 27, 2013

If bags could breed, and if cutesy, light-hearted Mulberry got together with intelligent, quirky Marni (opposites attract, after all) and had a bag baby, well, you?re looking at it! I?ve been celebrating Marni?s punched-out perforations for several seasons now. Actually, when I think ?strategic holes,? nobody but Marni comes to mind. Looks like Mulberry, of the famed Alexa and Willow bags, is out to change that. They?ve brought their girlish aesthetic to an otherwise simple, straightforward tote that has ?spring? written all over it. It also has bits floral cutouts all over it. There?s no way this could be mistaken for Marni, what with the pert blossoms and the scalloped edge. But the original innovator still has my heart when it comes to spotty-dotty holes. Which airy interpretation strikes your fancy? On Net-a-Porter for $1,950.

Pair with: Jill Stuart and Mulberry are like best friends-turned-stepsisters: they?re happy to be together. Strap yourself into these platform suede sandals and enjoy the ride ? and the height. On Shopbop for $595.

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