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Cyber-security: The digital arms trade

March 27, 2013

IT IS a type of software sometimes described as ?absolute power? or ?God?. Small wonder its sales are growing. Packets of computer code, known as ?exploits?, allow hackers to infiltrate or even control computers running software in which a design flaw, called a ?vulnerability?, has been discovered. Criminal and, to a lesser extent, terror groups purchase exploits on more than two dozen illicit online forums or through at least a dozen clandestine brokers, says Venkatramana Subrahmanian, a University of Maryland expert in these black markets. He likens the transactions to ?selling a gun to a criminal?.Just a dozen years ago the buying and selling of illicit exploits was so rare that India?s Central Bureau of Investigation had not yet identified any criminal syndicates involved in the trade, says R.K. Raghavan, a former director of the bureau. Underground markets are now widespread, he says. Exploits empower criminals to steal data and money. Worse still, they provide cyber-firepower to hostile governments that would otherwise lack the expertise to attack an advanced country?s computer systems, worries Colonel John Adams, head of the Marine Corps? Intelligence Integration...

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