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Weight Watchers, Slim-Fast Ditch Diet-Only Focus in Ads

March 31, 2013

At Weight Watchers, diet marketing is more about science than sizzle -- overt sexual appeals about as welcome as a third helping of pie. Tempting as it might seem, the marketer is just not going there, even as it deals with new competition, including a comeback attempt by Slim-Fast, which this week breaks provocative ads that tout the bedroom benefits of losing weight.

The nation's obesity epidemic is only getting worse. Or is it?

A few recent studies suggest that there might actually be improvement in trends among children. The first evidence came late last year when Centers for Disease Control and Prevention researchers released data in a medical journal showing that from 2003 through 2010 the prevalence of obesity decreased slightly to 14.94% from 15.21% among low-income preschool children. A study by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found declining childhood-obesity rates in Philadelphia, New York City, Mississippi and California. The report credited nutrition mandates in schools and other government programs.

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